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edwardb223@yahoo.com Nov 9, 2012 04:07 PM

[SOLVED] Import Atahualpa settings
I am hoping you can help with this.

I exported the settings from one of my sites (yuiphone) and using it on another site, site #2. However site #2 has code that is referring to site 1.

Here is part of the code from site #2 referring to site 1 (yuiphone).

div.sticky{background:#eee url('http://yuiphone.com/wp-content/themes/atahualpa /images/sticky.gif')

What option is this? I would like to change the option so it's not referencing site 1.

Thank you.

lmilesw Nov 9, 2012 05:07 PM

Take a look in the Post/Page options for sticky.

juggledad Nov 10, 2012 07:16 AM

Many releases ago the theme allowed PHP in the theme options but a new WordPress Theme requirement came into being which prevented using PHP in the theme options. Back when PHP was allowed, the 'POST Container: STICKY' option used PHP and a variable that pointed at the domain name. Now the URL for the sticky has to be the full path.

So when you do an export from site A and import it into site B that opton will still point to site A. THis holds true for any theme option where you entered a fully qualified path.

edwardb223@yahoo.com Nov 12, 2012 02:16 PM

I looked for the Post/Page sticky. I reset "STYLE POST & PAGES" and saved the changes. That seemed to have done what I wanted. Thank you.

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