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Jam Oct 13, 2011 09:53 PM

Happy camper
The Presales readers cant view the Themeframe Members forum, so I'd just like to say I'm extremely happy with TF. I'm a graphic designer who was for many years continually searching for themes I could "hack" and customise because I didn't have the skills to build one from scratch. Atahualpa became my theme of choice because it was very hackable with very pleasing results, but when I discovered TF, that was the end of hacking themes.

I liked ATA because it had the Options within the theme, but with TF you have many many more options available to you before the site is published. For me thats perfect as most sites I build are for small business and they dont want to play with the design or layout, they just want a good looking and WP functional website.

I opened up one of my TF themes yesterday, decided to tweak it a little and published the new updated theme, done. Save the new updated theme settings as a txt file, export it as a zip to give or sell, its just wonderful when it behaves. Yes it didnt always behave, but it is still in RC form and I'm more than happy with the product as it is. Yes we all want more features, more functions, more whatever, but TF can now produce beautiful themes that I am very happy with.

Thanks Flynn for creating TF.

Now, all you browsers out there, get in quick while the price is still dirt cheap so we can all get those features we all want, and we can all make beautiful themes together :p

If anyone wants to see a heap of working TF examples PM me.

Flynn Oct 14, 2011 09:58 AM


thank you very much for your kind words.

I am happy to have you on board and looking forward to what you'll create next with ThemeFrame.

TF is not there yet where I want it to be (being able to create awesome, fully custom themes easily), but we're getting there.

To expand a bit on the current special offer: When you get ThemeFrame now, you'll never pay again, you'll get all future versions for free, forever.

You might think that this is common, but it is not. If someone offers that on a default basis, for their theme or theme framework, then something isn't going to add up down the line. Most likely the theme or framework simply won't be developed any further at some point, and new themes will be released. Most premium theme shops work like that, they release many smaller things. I simply prefer to work on very few big things:

Atahualpa Free (new, coming soon), Atahualpa Pro (new, coming soon) and ThemeFrame.

The codebases of these three are currently being merged and streamlined by me. It may seem like I am spreading myself thin between these however new code that is developed on one item is being used in the other ones and vice versa.

There will be a new Atahualpa (Free), a new Atahualpa Pro based on the free version, and ThemeFrame as the top product for developers and ambitioned site owners.

My goal is to make ThemeFrame a very high-end product. Within the near future you'll be able to create Atahualpa (New)/Atahualpa (New) Pro - like themes with ThemeFrame.

HTML5 but still very browser safe, lightweight, fast, SEO, etc...

A last word about the "special offer". Often special offers are used as some kind of marketing tactic. This offer, however, will be over for sure. I would not be able to keep offering this even if I wanted to. There are only so many web developers, agencies or ambitioned site owners out there. Once ThemeFrame is out of the "Release Candidate" Stage, there will no option anymore to obtain a "lifetime upgrade" license. Those who have it will keep it as a compensation for taking the risk and buying into a non-finished product. I think the risk is not that big but $110 are $110, I am aware of that.

Jam Dec 8, 2012 06:31 AM

Just an update for fence sitters. While it's development seems to have slowed considerably, we are assured it continues. Yes, there are still some niggling little bugs, BUT Themeframe 1.2.3, to me, is still absolutely brilliant. I've looked at some of the competition, and I dont like what I see. Themeframe allows great flexibility of design (and more to come) and really can give you truly unique website designs in very little time. New full background and responsive layouts are some of the latest features, along with ability to create custom page layouts that are much more reliable than previous versions.

I just want to recommend Themeframe again, more than 12months later. I still feel its excellent value for money. All of the sites I've built in the last 18months or so have all been Wordpress sites with Themeframe built themes. My flagship site, and all of my "Plug n Play" sites have been created with Themeframe.

ningalooclub Dec 8, 2012 11:55 PM

Have to agree totally with Jam about Themeframe.

Still using native atahualpa at the moment but playing around merrily with themeframe.

Have read the negatives from some people on another thread with a touch of disbelief, when I looked back at the special offer and the proven pedigree of the developer/s, I cant help but say are you kidding? what more could you possibly ask for?

If the gamble on an unfinished product and/or the price is too high for what you get, I would suggest politely you look elsewhere and get real.

Anyone who has the chance and can afford the ridiculously low cost of themeframe would be plain silly not to give it a go.

More power to Flynn and the guys on support in this forum.

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