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nick51 Oct 5, 2010 09:19 PM

[SOLVED] Logo not showing up
3.5.3 on new blog. First thing was to upload new logo. It won't show up. The Huge logo shows up if I put it in but no other no matter what I do. Driving me nuts. Any ideas on what I"m doing wrong.

Thanks for any help


lmilesw Oct 5, 2010 09:42 PM

Could you supply a URL?

nick51 Oct 6, 2010 12:03 PM


nick51 Oct 6, 2010 12:16 PM

even stranger. if I rename my image to huge-logo.gif and overwrite the old one the Old huge-logo image still shows up. Very odd.

lmilesw Oct 6, 2010 01:01 PM

So just to be sure. Are these the steps you took?
  • Created logo
  • Uploaded to the images folder
  • Put the file name in the "Show Logo Image?" box in ATO>Style & edit Header Area
Also do you have an caching plugins? If so did you deactivate to test?

nick51 Oct 6, 2010 01:53 PM

All good questions
Also checked boxes for blog name and description

I did everything and have no cache plugins.


lmilesw Oct 6, 2010 03:24 PM

I am befuddled as I don't even see the image if I go directly to it via the URL of

Can you double check and make sure there is a djsquare.gif in that folder?

nick51 Oct 6, 2010 07:11 PM

I will look again. This is something I've tried several times. I have it in the same folder as huge-logo.gif so I think it's in the correct place.


nick51 Oct 6, 2010 07:17 PM

I am sorry I wasted your time. For some reason I had the Atahualpa directory in two places and I was loading it into the WRONG place. Apparently the 10 time looking was the charm.

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