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mealies Mar 20, 2013 09:24 AM

Image in post half showing as if featured image
website is belldba.com

setup details are:
Basic install of wordpress with only wordpress SEO and w3tc plugins installed.
Only theme change i have made is to get full post to display on homepage.

I have added an image to the first post, in the 3rd paragraph. It displays fine in the actual post but on the home page the image is duplicated and obscures the first paragraph of text. The image appears in black & white and seems to be cropped. The image is being correctly displayed further down the post.

There are no featured images set for the post. How do I go about getting rid of this "duplicated" image?

EDIT: found the answer in the Main template->index.php under limted php code. bfa_thumb controls the behaviour.
I removed
/*<?php bfa_thumb( 620, 180, true, '<div class="thumb-shadow"><div class="post-thumb">', '</div></div>' ); ?>*/
postformat.php which has removed the image.

will leave this post up just in case its useful



juggledad Mar 20, 2013 09:31 AM

Have you applied the patches? (see the stickies at the begining of the forum)

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