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Lynn Rasmussen Mar 27, 2013 02:30 PM

[SOLVED] Export of template for 3rd party design
I have been asked to supply a one page template for a 3rd party software company. I work with hotels and this is for them to add a reservation module that looks like the rest of the site. I've searched the forums and found the set up of WordPress doesn't really provide for this scenario (images, css, etc. are all in their own files).

This is what they are asking for:
The main template file having the look & feel of the website. The middle of this template must have room to allow our software to insert information. This middle area needs to be 650 pixels in width. In addition the height of this middle area will change depending on the information that our system is showing. Any graphics, stylesheets or other files used by the main template file must be included and sent to us in a .zip file.

My theme is Atahualpa v 3.4.1.

Can anyone help me locate what I need to find? And it seems they just want a clean template. Is there a way to do that or would I need to redesign it using Dreamweaver or the like? Is there a plugin that exports a usable file? Sorry, I never walked in non-WordPressLand (H8 it).

lmilesw Mar 27, 2013 02:39 PM

If what they want is an HTML page you would either have to build in an HTML editor or if you could use a tool like HTTrac to copy your WordPress site into HTML files and send them the necessary files and folders.

Lynn Rasmussen Mar 27, 2013 05:20 PM

Thanks Larry, I found Sitesucker worked pretty well for my Mac OSX. Thanks your tip really helped point me in the right direction. Excellent advice in the BFE forum once again.

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