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verymarie May 8, 2011 11:47 AM

[SOLVED] Add author's photo thumbnail to byline?
My blog is here: http://bosquevillage.com/en/blog

I'm interested in adding a small photo of the post author to each post byline. I did as mentioned in the original post on this thread:

But I want to only post a small thumbnail of the user; with this:
<?php userphoto_the_author_photo() ?>, the large photo is displayed.

What code do I need to add to display, say, a 60px x 60px photo rather than the large image? Or to simply display the thumbnail version created by User Photo Addon?

Thanks in advance.

lmilesw May 8, 2011 07:05 PM

According to the plugin instructions it would seem like the following would produce a thumbnail.
PHP Code:

<?php userphoto_the_author_thumbnail() ?>

verymarie May 8, 2011 07:54 PM

Thanks Larry, that worked.

For some reason it didn't occur to me to check the plugin instructions. *doh*


lmilesw May 8, 2011 08:12 PM

LOL... Glad we could help.

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