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paulae Apr 25, 2009 10:02 AM

Contributors having problems with Dashboard
For our community newspaper using WP 2.7.1 and Atahualpa, we have articles posted by many "citizen journalists." They are working from home, using a variety of computers, monitors and browsers, different methods of word processing, etc.

Some folks report that they can't see the whole dashboard area. One man says he can't see the whole row of WYSIWYG icons above the text entry box. I moved the most important ones toward the left, to help him out.

Other than advising him and others to tighten up their monitor resolution and make sure their browser window is fully open, I don't know what else to tell them. Any ideas? Anybody here have that problem? I have my screen resolution on both laptop and stand-alone monitors set pretty high.

Flynn Apr 25, 2009 11:12 AM

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Javascript should be enabled (it probably is, but just in case), and a current version of Safari or Firefox should be used. Browser type and version can make a difference in the TinyMCE editor (which WordPress is using)

The TinyMCE buttons issue sound like the browser viewport is not 1024 pix, or it is, but a vertical toolbar or something is enabled, i.e. for bookmarks. Also, the 2nd row of TinyMCE buttons can be turned on/off with ALT+Shift+Z or by clicking the "Kitchen Sink" button.

And, the vertical Wordpress admin menu can be toggled to a narrow icon-only menu bar with fly-out sub menus on hover, by clicking the little arrows inside the vertical menu bar. See attached image

paulae Apr 25, 2009 03:09 PM

Thanks. Yup, I knew about toggling those options, but I don't know if our contributors do. I've already made a how-to video for entering posts, so maybe I should do one about this too!

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