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Semi Nov 24, 2009 09:10 AM

[SOLVED] Arras Theme two nevigation bars
Good day,

I am as new to this forum as I am to WP so today I entered my first battle.

I am using Arras Theme and everything is super clear and nice. But when i add a second multi level navigation bar (plug-in) it ends up overlapping the one from the theme. This happens where ever I put in the code.

So my question is does anybody know how I could add 2 nav. bars, because I would really like to have a category nav. bar and a page nav. bar.


Semi :)

juggledad Nov 24, 2009 09:22 AM

This forum is for user of the 'Bytes for All' themes like Atahualpa. If you want help with another theme like Arras, then you need to contact the theme's author.

If you decide to switch to Atahualpa or one of the other 'Bytes for All' themes, feel free to ask questions here. Other than that...sorry.

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