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cyberpunkstudio Jul 11, 2009 11:26 AM

Wordpress comments count incorrect
Hi in Wordpress in my comments section I have users who leave comments with like 4 or 5 comments, at the top it suppose to echo out the total number of comments left, like ‘5 comments’ however the comment count is always incorrect when there are a few comments it displays ‘no comments’ which is strange.

I keep getting this error. Does anyone know how to fix this? Please help

my comments.php code: http://pastie.org/542444


juggledad Jul 11, 2009 01:05 PM

If you swap to the default theme do the counts also show incorrect? If it does, it is a Wordpress issue.
Is there a pattern you can discern - like if there are two comments by user A and four by user B the total shows 2?
What version of Atahualpa and what version of WP?
Have you modified the comment code? Your code does not look like the provided Atahualpa code
What's the url and point out an example.

cyberpunkstudio Jul 11, 2009 04:45 PM

Hi juggledad, I have just sent you a private message with the url to my private server, please take a look and let me know what you think.

If you need more information please let me know.

I am using Wordpress 2.7, dont know what Atahualpa is

hope you can help

Thank you

juggledad Jul 12, 2009 05:24 AM

'Atahualpa' is the theme this forum supports, this section of the forum is for issues running Wordpress (i.e. if there is a problem with the wordpress code). While I could look at your problem, I would have to charge you for my time because it is 1) not Atahualpa related and 2) possible will take some time (more than 5 minutes) to figure out.

You could post your question on the wordpress support forum

purplesunrise Jul 22, 2009 09:46 PM

I have just exported a fairly large blog from a WP 2.7.1 install and imported the XML file into a brand new WPMU 2.7.1 install. I set the appropriate variables in php.ini to ensure that the large file could import.
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nirus Aug 18, 2009 08:16 AM

Here's a potential solution for this incorrect comment count issue:
Check out: http://me.enirav.com/?p=603

This worked for me! :-)

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