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BellaMary Aug 23, 2010 02:03 AM

How to center Blog Title and Tag Line and change font sizes in Atahualpa 3.5.3

I was wondering how to;

A: Center the Blog Title and Tag Line and;
B: How to change the font size in Atahualpa ver. 3.5.3

I have followed the various post on this forum but I have not figured out how to accomplish these two things. I have however, discovered that if you place 12em in the ATO/Body,Text and Links section it will be disastrous. I have honestly tried every combination of html code that I googled but I have yet to figure this out. Thank you in advance for all of your assistance.


juggledad Aug 23, 2010 05:37 AM

A) you need to go to ato->Header Image->Overlayed Blog Title/Tagline Style and play with the settings
b) there are many places to change the font size. Almost every where there is text, you can change the font size. Atahualpa does provide locations for some, but not all areas because it would just be too many options. The setting at ATO->Body, Text & Links->Body Style is the default, but other areas like 'Style POSTS & PAGES' or 'Style WIDGETS' or 'Style & edit FOOTER' can all have CSS added to set the font size.

BellaMary Aug 23, 2010 12:13 PM

I did exactly what you said and it worked:) I just followed your directions and played around with the settings and I was able to center my Blog Title and Tag Line. This is what I did;

ATO>Header Area>Style&Edit Header Image

Scrolled down to the *Show Logo Image* and placed logo.png

Scrolled down to the *Logo Image Styling* and input the following code:

margin:0 134px 0 0;

* I'm 1px short from being dead center because I don't know how to move the search box over to the right to even it up with the image header.

To center the Tag Line I placed the following into the Tag Line box:

margin: 0 0 0 215px;

There you have it, a perfectly centered Blog Title and Tag Line.

There are two questions that I would like to ask;

A: How do I move the search box over, so that the right side of the search box is even with the right side of the image border?

B. How do I change the logo.png color scheme to match my color scheme for my header image, without changing the design of the logo, I really like how the colors mesh together and I think it will match nicely with my logos color since it is a flower and almost the same shape, as a matter of fact they will match perfectly. My color scheme for my logo is red with a splash of yellow, I would really like to incorporate this color scheme into that logo.

Thank you for all of your help, I feel that in time I will be able to accomplish many design changes with this theme:):):)

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