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neckit May 29, 2011 04:06 AM

Integration of "WP Post to PDF" similar to "WP Print" or "WP Mail"
First of all, I am a newbie to Wordpress and Atahualpa. But with this framework I could develop in a short time a really attractive intranet site for us. Great work from you - I'm thrilled. You've got a new fan :)

Now I would like to integrate the plugin "WP Post to PDF.
Therefore I can insert the following code anywhere in my theme:
PHP Code:

 <? php if (function_exists ("wpptopdf_display_icon")) echo wpptopdf_display_icon ();?>

But similar to "WP-Print and WP-Mail" I would like to embed the "WP Post to PDF"-Icon in the byline-area. Where should I insert the code for it.

By the way - I'm using Version 3.6.7 - where i can't place PHP-Code in the Option-Pages of Atahualpa.
As far as I know, I have this change then perform again with every update of Atahualpa framework. Or is there a solution that I can avoid it?

Thanks for your help.

lmilesw May 29, 2011 12:48 PM

How about using the PDF24 Article to PDF plugin? This has the option of putting an email or download pdf link in the footer of each post or page without have to use php code.

neckit May 30, 2011 12:52 AM

Hi Larry,

thanks for your quick response!

I have tested several PDF Solutions (also "Pdf24 Article to PDF ").
"WP Post to PDF" is our best choice and it also has the option to place a link - without php-code - to anywhere in the article.

"PDF24 Article to PDF" works only with an online connection to the internet - and I do not really know what happens to my data.
"WP Post to PDF" works offline and is for our intranet solution therefore more suitable.
Furthermore opens "PDF24 Article to PDF" an additional misleading browser window.

Regardless - the users would like to have the PDF link at the same position as the print-link - ie in the byline section.
Even if you generally advise against additional PHP code in the theme, can you help me in this case anyway?
I will try to bring in only a few such changes - promised ;)


lmilesw May 30, 2011 07:19 AM

It may take a little "playing around" with CSS but I just tried adding a new widget areas to all the Byline boxes using the same name for each and I was then able to put a widget it it that showed on all the pages and posts. I used a text widget but you could install a php friendly widget plugin and add your code their perhaps.

neckit May 30, 2011 07:44 AM

Hi Larry,

thank's for your help!
I will try your suggestion und hope my users love it.


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