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Kudzu Mar 22, 2010 02:06 PM

Widget columns stopped working
Hello, I'm running WordPress MU 2.9.2 with the Atahualpa theme. There are 8 sub blogs and each will be using the same theme (separate folders with the Atahualpa files in each).

Right now I have the main blog set up at Kudzu Jungle

Up until yesterday, my widget columns were running great. Now, they are locked down and will not allow me to add any widgets. For the right column, I can't even reorder my widgets any more.

I have another domain I'm testing the Atahualpa theme on, with sub domains using WPMU, and have not had this problem. This just started.

I need to add a search in the right column, and collapsing links in the left column. Are the columns locked down to only allow a certain number of widgets in each?

By the way, collapsing links works with Atahualpa in my other domain, so I can't figure out why widgets would stop working in Kudzu Jungle.

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