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Thursday May 19, 2011

Students and Alums: Suggest Sessions

This event is an opportunity for ITP alumni and industry professionals to exchange tips for making a living with our new 2011 ITP graduates (sorry, not for current first years). We are imagining sessions during the day and early evening where graduating students can learn about typical paths, challenges, rewards, funding opportunities, lowering overhead, customs, titles, salaries, interview techniques etc…

ITP grads go in many different, often pioneering directions after graduation. To keep this event relevant we want the topics for sessions to come directly from the people working in the fields and the graduating students who want to go there. ITP alums and 2011 graduating students, please use the suggestion box to help us brainstorm ideas for sessions. 

2011 Graduating Students: Please suggest session topics by April 1. Please check back for updates for the final program and registration details.

ITP Alums: Please suggest sessions by April 1 that either you would like to lead or topics that you think are beneficial for recent graduates to know about. If you want to become more involved in this event, please contact george.agudow@nyu.edu. Thanks.

Please check back often. This is an ongoing, work in progress! We will post a final schedule of talks in April.